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    Lightroom HDR and PANORAMA Processing


      I am a member for Creative Clouds for Photographers and creating HDR and/or PANORAMA in Lightroom CC lock my computer and never finish the process, even leaving the process to run the whole night, any idea?. I have a iMac.

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          I have the same problem on a very powerful PC. Try this: render your Panoramas step by step with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, ….. images and detect the point the problem begins. I have no problems up to 10 images. But with 11 images LR gives me a message: Not enough Information about Camera-movement, panorama can`t be created. And with around 20 images LR renders infinitely.

          And look at my other post:


          Photoshop does the panorama rendering up to dozends of pictures without any problem. So I think the panorama engine in LR is still in its alpha stadium.


          Meanwhile I have the same tests and jobs rendered with very small versions of the pictures (25% & JPEG instead of RAW files) and LR makes a mess, but no panorama. Some of the images are simply missing in the finished panorama.