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    Extract 'Remove Hidden Information' results to file for Multiple PDFs

    Sunny 123456

      Hello everyone,


      I've been searching a few things / phrases -

      Extracting hidden data

      Extracting overlapping objects


      I know there are tools out there that will pick up items that are included in the adobe file (like bookmarks and metadata) but was wondering if there was a way to export the results of 'Remove Hidden Information' feature in a spreadsheet-like format for multiple documents.


      Use case - There were several documents (1000+) that I've been asked to check basically (Yes or No on all the Hidden content [i.e. Metadata, bookmarks, overlapping objects, etc.]) to see if someone else did what they were supposed to do prior to submitting them. Rather than open each one and type in the results after running the Remove Hidden Information tool, I was hoping for a way to run it over several files and export out the results to identify which ones need resolution.


      Thank you in advance for the help!