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    Use JavaScript to create a condition that would allow certain pages to be outputted depending on data


      Hi All,

      I apologize for the long title, but I am going to be working on a migration from one online storefront to another brand, EFI Digital StoreFront. I will also be working with DirectSmile to help with the variable data information. My question is, is it possible to create a script using JavaScript that would allow certain pages to be turned on/off when outputted depending on the data?

      To give you an example, I have one magazine layout but the last page has to alter between a female advertisement and a male advertisement, depending on if the customer is male or female in the linked database. It would then output the magazine, with the correct advertisement on the last page, and continue until the database is complete.

      Also, if anyone has any experience working with EFI Digital Storefront & DirectSmile, feel free to give me some advice.

      Thank You!