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    FlexBuilder 2 Mac Beta Expired!

      I started up FlexBuilder 2 on my Mac to do some work today and I received a message that the trial period has expired. My only options are to purchase FlexBuilder 2 or exit. Since FlexBuilder 2 isn't available for purchase yet, what can I do to get the Mac beta running again? Thanks for any help!

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          mediablur Level 1
          I restored by system drive from a backup and FlexBuilder is running again. I lost some things since the backup was a few days old, but at least I'm up and running again with Flex.

          I'm almost certain that what caused the problem was running DiskWarrior on the drive (it was a routine preventative maintenance run and not a run to fix a disk problem). If you're running the Mac FlexBuilder 2 Beta, I'd advise staying away from DiscWarrior until the official release is out.