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    Is there an issue (glitch) currently going on with Google Chrome Dynamic Server and Creative Cloud Dynamic Server to Apps on desktop?  My processor's memory is getting eaten alive when I have both opened at the same time?

    Maddyu Level 1

      Quick question--or what I am noticing with my PC since the latest update/installation of the CC 2015 Apps.  Oh brother is the dynamic server just eating my memory up when I have 3+ CC apps (i.e. Photoshop, AfterEffects, & Premiere Pro).  In 2014 CC I had no problem with having 3+CC Apps running simultaneously on PC.  So my question is three-fold to find a quick solution. Also just a heads up the in Premiere Pro 2015 Lumetri there is a hiccup going on with Mercury Cuda settings (I think) on my NVIDIA Graphic Cards (Quadro 4000 & GTX 680).  Note the 2015 Apps for some reason are running on the Quadro 4000 rather than GTX 680 (CC 2014).  Which could also possibly munching on my processor.  So I am trying to get memory back on my processor and a solution and wondering if anyone else is noticing the lag time occurring syncing between Dynamic linking between apps and syncing to and from the cloud.  Or am I just the lucky person with the problem(s).


      (1) Does the Creative Cloud Dynamic Server run off my processor?

      (2) Is there a conflict between Creative Cloud Dynamic Server and Google Chrome Dynamic Server running on PC?  I have noticed big time that when both are simultaneously running--you have no memory left on processor to do anywork.  As a quick fix I just turn off the google dynamic server, etc on PC.  But would like to have both running on PC at same time.

      (3) Why I think there is an issue with Chrome and Creative Cloud because I am Adobe GenEX and alot of people are complaining about Chrome Browser and Adobe GenEx Links not working which was kind of a simultaneous experience with my loss of memory.