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    Indesign Rendering Error/Bug - Adding non-vector source causes slight rendering problem


      Alright; this has bothered me for some time and just recently was able to identify the source of this issue.


      Sometimes you will notice identical page layouts exhibiting very small shifts, weight problems, and other hairline case adjustments. I can notice these slightly in InDesign views, but it is very dramatic inside a PDF...I notice this slight error throughout slide presentations all the time. 


      I was able to recreate the issue and track down the cause. There was one image, a scan of my signature placed as a psd, that appears on my cover page and not on the second page of my resume. Removing this image immediately resolved the rendering issue involving hairlines shifts and weight problems I was having with the cover page. Replacing the placed psd with a other image types did not help.


      I replaced the signature image with a vector trace and Yahtzee - no more rendering bugs. As far as I can tell the problem is with raster images.
      Pages composed of only vector elements and text data display pixel-perfect.


      I haven't had the opportunity to play with Adobe Creative Cloud, I hope this is no longer an issue.