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    Delete button on a note in pdf reader [Android]


      Dear Adobe reader team,

      Thank you for your great job. This is a great software, specially recently thta you have added different features like night mode and highlighting.

      Today I realized with the new update you have changed the place of the " close" and " delete" button taking it  from top to bottom.  I have seen some users like myslef who have written already a note a pdf file and when I want to change the content , the buttons changes from " Delete" and " close" to "Cancel" and " Save".

      Here ,even with the recent update, the problem arises. When one wants to press the "cancel" button, sometimes the processor on tablet has a very little delay and the user press the "cancel" button again. This press stays in the memory of tablet and as soon as the cancel procedure is done , automatically the delete button is pressed and the whole note becomes deleted.  I have seen on the forums this has happened to many people. Even if you change its place to right side nad leave it under "Save" button, this can happen  again since after saving, the "delete" button will appear where it was previously written "Save".

      I suggest you change the place of the "delete" button to somewhere which is not under any other option . And if you give an option to retrieve the deleted notes, that would be wonderful.

      Please advise me that you have received and read this email.

      Kind regards,