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    InDesign CS6 refusing to save any sort of file with content on the page?


      I am working on a yearbook spread in InDesign CS6 (Mac), and no matter what sort of new file I create, whether it be a document or a template, the program does not permit me to save the file to work on later. The option is greyed out in the file menu, and the message to save only comes up when I try to close the program, and even then it tells me "Cannot save 'Untitled-4' under a new name". Strangely enough, when I delete all the content on the page, it allows me to save and do as I please.

      On the other hand, I have an already created document that allowed me to save it as I was working on it no more than a week ago. When I reopened it, it refused to allow me to save again.

      I would contact Adobe right away, as I am on a deadline, but they don't seem to be offering extensive support for anything but their Creative Cloud programs.