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    Mercury Transmit QueryVideoMode / Support multiple pixel formats?




      I am attempting to optimize my working Mercury Transmit plugin - I would ideally like to support both PrPixelFormat_BGRA_4444_8u and a YUV format that is compatible with Apples kCVPixelFormatType_422YpCbCr8 / GL_YCBCR_422_APPLE texture target.


      Some questions:


      a) Is it possible to somehow report multiple pixel formats for a Mercury Transmit plugin (other than reporting PrPixelFormat_Any) - i.e. return an array, and let Premiere choose the most efficient pixel format to work in?


      b) If so, how?


      c) if not, what pixel format results in the least amount of conversion (native processing) for Premiere?


      I am attempting to work with 4K content and currently my Transmit plugin, using the PrPixelFormat_BGRA_4444_8u appears to have too much overhead - but I am not doing any direct processing, simply taking the pixels and uploading them to OpenGL.


      Any input with regard to optimizing Premieres pixel format conversion would be very helpful!


      Thank you.