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    bluetooth turns on by itself and crashes iMac and reverting indesign to default preferences

    Shastafarien Level 1

      I am having issues with my iMacs bluetooth...... its switching itself on all the time without me doing it. Subsequently its crashing my mac and spinning its looking for a wireless keyboard. I have not got a wireless keyboard the only way to get out of it is to hold down the power button - this does not even fix the issue I have to remove my keyboard form the back and press the power button again if Im lucky this fixes the issue.
      I have now removed the bluetooth connecting at startup etc...... PS I don't turn off my iMac I just put it to sleep when not in use..... bluetooth is waking the iMac and crashing it.


      Additionally indesign CC 2014 when I reboot after the bluetooth issue reverts to default preferences (FYI - I'm not upgrading my indesign just yet as Im in the middle of a massive design job - experience has shown don't upgrade mid job) each time I go to work in indesign I am having to sort the preferences to what I have had them at before.


      Im new to this forum thing so please be kind