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    indesign cc print booklet back cover excluded




      Please help, I cannot seem to use the print booklet function properly. I have been troubleshooting all night, fixed some greyed out areas with Adobe PDF 9.0 PPD (from another forum). But it continues to not print the back cover at all. Beside the front cover, there is a blank page, and the back cover is excluded from printing completely. I have already tried changing the page layout so that the back cover is on the same spread as the front cover - still chooses to ignore the back cover completely and replace it with a blank page.


      I have 24 pages, so it should work. Another strange thing though, is that it claims to have 24 pages in 13 spreads. Should this be 24 pages in 12 spreads?


      Does anyone know how to fix this?


      Thank you so much!