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    [CC-2015 v11.0.0.72] Adding a button will crash InDesign

    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Hi all,

      just read the release notes for the all new InDesign CC-2015 and came accross the following known issue:


      InDesign Help | InDesign CC 2015 Release Notes

      InDesign crashes if a user inserts a button in a story programmatically (via scripting).


      And indeed, a simple ExtendScript line of code like this will crash InDesign:




      Fortunatelly there is a workaround!

      Just create your button on the page and then make it an anchored object:


      var myButton = app.documents[0].buttons.add();
           app.documents[0].textFrames[0].texts[0].insertionPoints[-1] ,


      Hope that helps until this issue is resolved.


      Also see:

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