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    Elements - move from 10 to 13 Places Tags


      Problem with new places tags.  I have used PE for many years - many thousand photos - with multilevel set of places tags - country by state by other types.  Many are names not on maps - such as St Kilda bike ride path.  Others names I have added to my places list may refer to large areas (Rocky Mountains in Canada, for example - for which there is no GPS location) or more specific locations, such as a town.  They have all been placed in the new Places tags.  But, none have GPS locations (which I dont want, anyhow), but I cannot add new locations or areas.  I have started a separate Places keyword stack, but having  two separate stacks is stupid, and the original one from PE 10 cannot be updated with any new name of my making.  It demands a GPS - which I don't want. And attempting any manual change to over 30,000 photos would be stupid.


      Can Adobe produce a tool that allows my Places tags to be copied without GPS information to another stack, please.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This isn't Adobe. This is a user-to-user forum. If you want to contact Adobe, you'll need to reach their tech support or customer service directly.


          That said, Adobe has done some major work on Premiere Elements and the Organizer the last couple of generations. It is possible that your version 10 catalog didn't survive the transition to version 13. I've had similar problems trying to update catalogs from one version to another.


          Try use the Catalog Manager in the Organizer to build a new catalog. (You won't have to destroy the old catalog to do this.) You'll lose your Albums in the process, but most metadata (including location) should be picked up by the new catalog. You can see if that solves your problem.


          I know that if it does it means you've got other problems -- like how to get all of the Keyword Tags and Albums from your old catalog to your new. But the first step in fixing any issue is troubleshooting so you can narrow down the cause of the problem.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Please check out the following online article on Organizer/Tag Tree transfers and determine if any is relevant to your situation.

            Transferring Files to a New Organizer | Digital Scrapper Blog





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              tonyk88628175 Level 1

              Thank you very much for your response. The move from Organizer 10 to 13 went OK, with all features working in 13, and the catalog contains all info from 10.  But, my problem was associated with different PLACES functionality which prevents me adding new PLACE tags that are not findable on a google map.  For reasons mentioned earlier, many of my names are not map names - not known to google.


              The post from AT Romeno has helped - in as much I have been able to move a second copy of my places tags from 10 to 13.  But, those tags did not bring any photos i/ds that could be used.  My workaround is to use the 13 PLACES to select photos, which I could then assign to the identical tag in my imported tags from 10.  Working well, but with over 30,000 photos,this will take some time.


              So, thanks to both of you for providing very useful information.

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                tonyk88628175 Level 1

                ATR: thanks for the reference - very useful


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the follow up which is important to those who face the same situation that you are facing and are looking for solutions.


                  I will remember to watch for further reports of solutions related to the Elements Organizer transfer from version to version.


                  Best wishes with your projects.