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    Lightroom CC2015 June Update


      How do I get the creative cloud app to show me that there is an update for Lightroom available? It says my lr is up to date but it is not the latest June Version.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Try Signing out and then back in in the CC desktop app.

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            In the account management part of the "preferences", sign out and back in and see if that helps.

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              ste_pos Level 1

              Of course I tried multiple times to log out and back in - nothing worked.

              I deinstalled LR, rebooted and tried to install LR again. The result: 2015 got installed.

              Deinstalled it again, deinstalled also Photoshop CC. Reboot, install again - same result LR 2015 got installed and Cloud App told me that it is up to date. Deinstalled everything again, incl. Desktop Cloud App.

              Downloaded Desktop CC App freshly, installed LR - result, you guess it: 2015 got installed and message was: up to date.


              After I killed ALL CC Apps (PS, Bridge, LR, Die xtension Manager) from the System and deleted manually all the CC App and ALL left over CC Crap from System/Library and User/Library and started from scratch -LR 2015.1 finally got installed.


              Really annoying experience..