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    How to group chapters under sections in a multi-document Indesign book?


      I am working on a book where each chapter is a separate .indd file. These files are assembled in a single .indb file to make the final book. However, I am considering grouping these chapter-documents (there are 68 in total!) into 4-5 sections. Thus, the TOC would look something like this:




          Section 1: Section 1 title

              Chapter 1: Chapter 1 title

              Chapter 2: Chapter 2 title

              Chapter 3: Chapter 3 title

          Section 2: Section 1 title

              Chapter 4: Chapter 4 title

              Chapter 5: Chapter 5 title

              Chapter 6: Chapter 6 title

              Chapter 7: Chapter 7 title


              Appendix I

              Appendix II

              Appendix III


      Is this possible? I am sure it is but don't know how. From what I have gathered reading Adobe help documents, Section markers are used within a long document to designate different parts of the text. Since in my case each document is a single chapter, how can I make sections behave as proper "sections" instead of "sub-chapters"?