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    Is it possible to have footnotes on the side of a page, rather than the bottom?


      When transferring my dissertation from MS Word to InDesign, I want the footnotes to appear alongside the text, rather than below at the bottom of the page.  I asked this question in the general InDesign forum and one person replied that: "I think it could be scripted. You should ask in the scripting forum if someone could help you to get a script which would convert footnotes to margin notes. Maybe that some script exists which would put footnotes into anchored frames. Those anchored frames could be moved to side notes via adjusting the object style. I think I have seen something like this."

      I have zero experience scripting, so providing any help in what the (potentially existing) script is as well as how to utilize it would be incredibly helpful!

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          Of course!


          If your Word text file have "footnotes", after importing it in ID, use and experiment this script:


          Sidenotes | Peter Kahrel


          Of course, you can convert footnotes into "sidenotes", placing them where you want (in front of their call or at column bottom)!

          … You can do more: adding/deleting/managing!

          Be careful: Peter uses cross-references!


          Peter Kahrel is one of my ID favorite gurus, An example of kindness, openness and humility for all of us!

          His bibliography is uplifting and one of the clever and sophisticated I read!


          I'll never write enough: Thank you Peter for InDesign lovers community!    Respect!