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      I tried all the examples in the help file, but doesn't help.

      All, I want to do is setup 5 colunms, with multiple rows. When user selects a Cell, it loads a swf files or gets a URL.

      Anyone know how to do this?
        • 1. DataGrid
          Are you using xml to create your data or are you just going to use actions script to create the data,

          Example .xml

          <?xml version="1.0" ?>
          <item label="Echinacea" data="video/plant_001.flv" />
          <item label="Dalia" data="video/plant_002.flv" />
          <item label="Pumpkin" data="video/plant_003.flv" />
          <item label="Strawberries" data="video/plant_004.flv" />
          <item label="Rose" data="video/plant_005.flv" />

          Example Flash
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"18/12/06 Gremlins 2", data:"News18.12.06.swf"});
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"16/12/06 Shop Opens", data:"News16.12.06.swf"});
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"13/12/06 G00pher Joins", data:"News13.12.06.swf"});
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"9/12/06 Good Feed Back", data:"News9.12.06.swf"});
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"8/12/06 Infantry Only", data:"News8.12.06.swf"});
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"7/12/06 Gremlins", data:"News7.12.06.swf"});
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"15/11/06 New Website Made", data:"News15.11.06.swf"});
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"14/11/06 New Forums Page", data:"News14.11.06.swf"});
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"23/10/06 Rongtw Joins", data:"News23.10.06.swf"});
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"14/10/06 OLAN", data:"News14.10.06.swf"}); //done
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"7/10/06 Beaver44 Joins", data:"News7.10.06.swf"});
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"1/10/06 Scudrazor Joins", data:"News1.10.06.swf"});
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"17/9/06 Mushroom Joins", data:"News17.9.06.swf"});

          var myListener:Object = new Object();
          myListener.change = function(){

          THIS is the code taekn from my news page of my website, i created a page with a loader component, i gave it an instance name of Newsbody_mc and then created lots of little .swf files for my news, i.e. 17/9/06 Mushroom Joins", data:"News17.9.06.swf

          I also have a list component which i gave an instance name of NewsArticles_list this has the data loaded into via the NewsArticles_list.addItem

          So when i click on a menu item the loader will load the data of the menu item.
          NewsArticles_list.addItem({label:"15/11/06 New Website Made", data:"News15.11.06.swf"});