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    AE - Video appears and disappears in main comp but fine in sub comp HELP!




      I'm working on a music video (mainly live footage) and the footage plays perfectly fine in a sub comp (e.g. comp1 image below: BASS1) but in the main comp the footage goes blank every few seconds (e.g. Blank image: Vids 2).

      When I render it the same thing happens - the video disappears in parts! I also used some effect like Trapcode Particular in the subcomp and the effect appears in the final render just fine but the video still vanishes every few seconds.


      I'm hoping its some simple setting I'm missing but I'm under time pressure and can't seem to resolve it. All and any help appreciated!!!











      After Effects CS5 V

      Plug ins - Trapcode Particular (glitch happens even without this)

      Windows 7 64-bit

      32 GB Ram

      NVIDIA Quadro K5000

      Rendering to local drive