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    Restoring Lightroom to a small ssd and data to a large HDD


      I had my OS (Win 7) , programs, including Lightroom, and my data files on a single 1 TB  internal HDD. As this was almost full I was planning to move the data files off to an external HDD to reduce the size of the files (OS and programs) held on the internal HDD to below 250 GB then install a 250 GB SSD and a 3TB HDD. I then intended to clone the OS and programs to the SSD and copy the data files back onto the new internal HDD. I was comfortable with how to do this. Unfortunately before I got round to it the OS failed to load and I can't repair or restore it.I suspect it failed because of problems with the HDD. Fortunately all the data is backed up on an external  3TB HDD but  I'm now faced with the problem of doing a clean install of the OS and programs, including Lightroom, Lightroom, to the new SSD and copying the  data files to to the new internal HDD. Instinct tells me this won't be straight forward in so far as the Lightroom catalog is concerned.


      I presume that with a clean install of OS and Lightroom the new catalog will be blank. Is there some way I can lift the old catalog off the backup drive and paste it into the relevant Lightroom folder on the SSD and then point Lightroom in the direction of the images on the new internal HDD or am I faced with the laborious task of re-importing all my 20,000 plus images? Whichever route I need to take can anyone give me detailed guidance on how to proceed?