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    Optical Kerning is not working for Arabic fonts!


      Hi, all!

      I have been a user of Indesign for years. Year after year, I love the improvements Adobe developers are making in this great Desktop Publishing Application. Few days ago, Adobe Indesign CC 2015 was with significant improvements. However my biggest concern; optical kerning for Arabic fonts is still an unsolved issue. I am not sure if this is a design-flaw or this is how it is designed to work. Anyway, I can demonstrate my problem below:

      Adobe Arabic Font with Optical Kerning turned off:


      Adobe Arabic Font with Optical Kerning turned on:


      You can clearly see that so many words start breaking at joints once optical kerning is turned on, while those that do not break are either single characters or ligatures. So we Arabic font developers are stuck with no option but to make as many ligatures as possible just in order to use Indesign's exceptional  built-in Optical Kerning feature as it's currently only available in Indesign.


      Any ideas how we can make optical kerning to work for Arabic fonts work without messing up the text?