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    Merge old and new ADE IDs, and E_LIC_ALREADY Fullfilled by another user, message

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      I have not signed in to ADE in a very long time, perhaps a yr or more. Right after Adobe asks us to change our password when some sort of internet compromise happened. I think is was that Heart SSL thing.

      Anyway I did the change and  had a new computer since all that. Since it's been a while I did not keep too close an attention on the old login (never dream I would end up with this problem now) so I am sure I have an old ID sitting somewhere in Adobe's records.


      So now I thought it's time to check out my books in my Kobo Library with ADE and of all the books that ADE opened, it refused to open 16 of them because of: E_LIC_ALREADY Fullfilled by another user. Well the only use had ever and still is me. Kobo reset those books several times, I uninstall and reinstall ADE but its the same problem with those books.


      Kobo suggested I contact Adobe and ask to have the licenses for those 16 books reset and or merge the old and new ids so I can get my books back.


      I got onto Adobe Chat and I was nicely told, Adobe does not provide chat or phone support for ADE so I should come to the Forum; so here I am.  He did say this though:

      We do have previous year records but your issue is regarding Digital editions and  Digital edition issues are not supported over chat and phones , they are only supported only on the forums.


      Who will be able to help me?