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    Merging two PDF files dynamically

    patrickinmtl Level 1

      we have a CFMX 7 application that allows people to select a PDF file from a list and then download it. The PDF are outside the webroot so we use CFCONTENT to load the PDF file and, using CFCONTENTHEADER we have Windows automatically popping up the Save/Open, dialog. So far so good.

      Now we would like to be able to select several PDFs at once and download them into ONE single PDF file that could be easily printed. Adding PDFs to a ZIP file wont do it because what we want, really, is to be able to print a whole bunch of documents at once... so we tought that having all of our smaller PDFs inside one big PDF that could simply be printed using one click would be great.

      Anybody here have been successfull at combining several PDF files altogether?

      Is it the right way of doing it?

      Thanks a lot,