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    Are bug fixes available in 6.1 perpetual license?


      I have perpetual license for LR 5.0 and downloaded the LR 6/CC trial which I am using now (about 20 days left). Definitely not getting CC as I want to own, not rent, software.


      I see that there is 6.1 update. Since I am on trial version, I am wondering how will I know which features I actually will get if I buy perpetual license?


      From the Adobe site, it seems bug fixes may be included:

      "Are there any features of Lightroom available exclusively to Creative Cloud members?

      Lightroom mobile is exclusive to Creative Cloud.

      Starting with the Lightroom CC (2015.1) update, the following features are exclusive to Creative Cloud members:


      Local adjustments for Blacks/Whites"


      I've read contradictory statements about what may be available in 6.1 perpetual license. Will I get latest bug fixes?


      Thank you.