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    How to not display my slideshow on every page?


      OK so I created a website in Dreamweaver, my google analytics told me it wasn't mobile friendly. I am a noob, and I didn't want to edit over 200 pages of HTML so I installed wordpress and a theme. I Had problems with my theme getting my slideshow to work, I played around with the header.php and got the slideshow to work only problem is that it loads on every page, even my blog. I don't want it on my blog because it takes time to load and my blog readers probably don't care much for those images either. So what i'm wondering is if I get the header.php from my server and edit the slideshow out of it, and save it as header2.php and upload it to my server, can I just change the header it loads on my posts page and blog page? I'm not any good with php and don't wanna do anything that will hurt the site. Thanks, any help is appreciated, I wish I didn't have to go to wordpress but it is mobile friendly, and easy to edit, I just need a better understanding of php so i can make simple changes to the theme in dreamweaver. Site is here:

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