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    Need multiple datasets from ColdFusion

    nyfeman Level 1
      I want to get some non-related data from a few different tables in a database all at creationComplete(). Is there a way to pull multiple distinct queries in one function and assign them to individual ArrayCollections?

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          Matlus Level 1
          Not sure is this is a CF question you have or an AS question. They way I dod this kind of thing (and I don't use CF or any of the regular classes in AS either) is on the server I'll construct an xml document that essentially is a merge of each of the "datasets".

          Then on the client and split the xml document into its dataset parts and assign them to the relevant classes that are interested in these datasets.

          Very high level explanation, but I'm not sure what you're using on the client side and what options you've already explored.

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            187_2007 Level 1
            Ya know.... You could even send back an array of structures or something. That way you can package up all your queries in structures and wrap them in an array and return the value of Array... That would work :)