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    PLEASE HELP!! My video clips won't play on the playback screen and the program keeps crashing!!

    Robot Kitten Disco

      Hello! Here's the deal:


      I have owned my Laptop (windows 8) for about 8 months now and ever since I first got Adobe premiere elements 13 (around the same time I got my laptop), there has been no troubles. That is until a week ago when I kept on trying to load a project I have been working hard on. Every time I try to open the video, all of the clips on my timeline appear, but the playback screen shows the same screen you get when you have videos the computer can't find - a yellow background with a message in a bunch of different languages. Every time I try to play back the video, the audio comes in fine, but the videos don't show. It's around then when the program begins to lag really badly, and before I know it, the program crashes. Sometimes the program crashes straight when I press the 'open recent project' symbol on the opening screen. I have also tried opening a new project and trying from scratch, but that doesn't work either. I have tried almost everything, and none of it has worked. If any of you have had this problem before and have gotten out of it, PLEASE HELP ME! ): I really need Adobe to work! Thank you