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    Cannot change font in InDesign CC 2015

    NotVeryBright Level 1

      After I highlight text and click on the drop-down arrow, the font list opens and I can click on a new font, but that is it.  It won't change to that font.  It's stuck on the same font.


      So I took the document over to my other Mac, which has InDesign CC (2013) and no problem.  I can change out the font in the document as I have for the last 15 years with this program.

      I have uninstalled and re-installed InDesign CC 2015 BACK on this Mac and the problem persists.  Anyone having this problem?


      But what is really unbelievable is there is NO phone or chat Adobe tech support on weekends!  And of course as usual, the generic laundry list of trouble-shooting pages don't mention this problem, either.