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    how to get rid of incorrect names in people ?

    t.ocallag Level 1

      I must have incorrectly entered the name Ane  instead of Anne

      When I look in the group of Named People there is NO person named Ane

      The problem is that at the top is shows People Ane?   ...see picture...how do I get rid of BAD names ?  Thx

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Go to the Keyword List panel in the right column.  In the Filter Keywords box, type "Ane" -- does that keyword show?  If the count to the right of "Ane" is 0, then that keyword isn't assigned to any pics, and you can simply delete it. But if "Ane" is assigned to faces in pics, then you'll have to go to each pic in turn, go to Loupe view, and change each face that has "Ane" to "Anne".   Then you can delete "Ane" from the Keyword List.