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    Mysterious border appears with Overprint Preview

    casinclaire Level 1
      Hi.  I'm working in a document based on a template I've been using for years for a magazine layout, and I've never had this problem occur before. I have a full-bleed frame behind one of my pages, filled with a color as backdrop to the layout. I've used this same frame a dozen times across different issues of the magazine. Today, however, for some reason, when I turn on Overprint Preview -- which I prefer to keep on -- there is suddenly a white swath across the top and down the left side (it is a left-hand page). This swath is nearly as wide as the page margin. Just for kicks, I duplicated the frame to the right-hand page of my spread. It fills horizontally just fine on the right side, but still has the white margin across the top.  If I turn Overprint Preview off, all this white space fills up again. I've checked Attributes, etc. I can't figure out what is preventing the frame fill from reaching to the edges today when it has always worked in the past, and in Overprint Preview, which, as I said, I generally keep on. I did test-print the page to PDF and it printed fine. But it throws off my work not to be able to see the page accurately. Any thoughts? (Btw, I have restarted the machine, in case it was a RAM overload problem, since I do tend to run Photoshop in the background when working on this project.)