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    corrupt files


      Hi Everyone!  I know that corrupt files have been covered in other threads, but I needed some clarity.  I use a PC with Lightroom 5.   I imported some images on Friday to my Catalog.  Noticed that there were large blocks of color, like the entire sky as red,  or blue along the edge of objects.  Seems to be getting worse with more and more images affected, larger blocks of color.  I did not get any prompts that files were corrupt, so did not have the option to repair.


        I have checked that it is not my card reader, RAM, or the card, as images taken over a month ago are also affected.  I attempted following some online advice to create a new Catalog and transfer images there.  I am somewhat new to Lightroom, and made an error which looks like Catalog 1 was replaced with Catalog 2.  Tried restoring a back up without success.  I have images saved to my PC and a hard drive, and am only concerned with being able to add my most current images without this occurring, still on my memory card.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.