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    Standalone LR6 not opening..

    Seabreezeof Level 1

      This happened to me about a week in a half ago, wasted so much time resolving it.


      Back and forth between Microsoft and Adobe., the resolve was to delete LR6 and reinstall.


      Used it quite regularly since then, but......


      It's happening again, the conclusion at the last issue was that when Windows updated, settings were changed or driver issue, however windows has not updated this time, and I am having the same issue again.


      I have read others also have had this issue.


      I can easily enough delete and reinstall , but its the trial version you reinstall, and its not all that intuitive to change it from trial to standalone 6.


      Can someone walk me through registering my license once installed, last time had to reach out to support for help.


      However with all this said, what is the underlying issue, that causes this to repeat it self...


      Had LR5 and updated 5.7 standalone without any issues


      Wish they had a disk with LR6 on it for standalone oweners, so one would not have to go through all these hassles, till they obviously clear up a bug.