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    LR5 crashing every time my backup software is running.



      I am running LR5, windows 8 machine (I have no idea about the specs of my computer).  I also have a "Space Monkey" cloud solution that is currently running and it will take several days for my entire cat. to be backed up, so closing the process is not optimal for me.


      The issue I am having is that whenever Space Monkey is running and I need to import images into my PC, LR automatically wants to import from my cloud storage and crashes if I click on *anything*.  This only happens on the import screen.  I can use all other modules.  I can see my camera as a device in LR but as soon as I click it (instead of the default selection of the Space Monkey.....) it crashes.


      Is there a setting in LR that I can check what devices it tries to import from?

      This is very frustrating and counter-productive.


      Any suggestions?