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    SSD Cache Drive ... TEMP/TMP and pagefile as well?

    TimmyCrackCorn Level 1

      Hi, for any speed gurus out there, I was just wondering if with my current setup, having both the TEMP/TMP directories AND the pagefile on a separate SSD would actually be beneficial?  Or noticeably beneficial.

      Currently I have an SSD drive for OS and program files (with some data of course), and then another dedicated SSD drive as a scratch disk for After Effects, Photoshop, etc. I know it is big help with programs such as these (I think, anyway). However, I also recently started pointing my TEMP/TMP directory to the SSD scratch drive.  (I have 32gb, soon to be 64gb, of RAM.)


      I'm wondering if it really helps to have the Temps point there and if I should point the pagefile there as well?  Would there be any "real-world" benefit?