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    Lightroom CC "losing" my imports.


      I've just started to see this problem since the Lightroom CC update in April.  The latest June update does not seem to make any difference.


      I have a main catalog dating back to 2012.  It has about 70,000 photos in it.  It has been upgraded along the way, so technically it is not the original catalog, as various upgrades have copied the catalog to a new version alongside the old version.


      Lately the problem I have been seeing is this:

      - Import some images from either a camera card (.cr2 files) or a smartphone (.jpg)

           - I have LR set to make backups to a NAS on import

      - Do some edits (optional, it happens even if you don't do anything in this step)

      - Exit LR (I have it set to back up the catalog every time I exit)

      - Open LR again

      - Last Import is gone

      - Reimport photos from NAS

      - All the versions on the re-import get a "-2" added to them, as if LR knows the images are there.

      - Exit again

      - Start LR again

      - Everything is fine.


      This is starting to get incredibly annoying, I can't find any evidence anyone else is seeing this.


      My next step is starting a new catalog from scratch.  This is going to be annoying and I obviously won't be trying to bring everything over.


      Any advice?