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    Could'nt open lightroom catalog

    wei li chia

      Hi all. I'm having this problem with Lightroom. I'm using Lightroom 6. i realized that whenever i copy my catalog to a hard drive or thumb drive, I couldn't launch it on the another computer or on my own laptop.


      It says that Lightroom cannot create or open a catalog on volume "Local Disk (H:)" because the preview cache paths would exceed the maximum path length for my platform. The full catalog path, including catalog name and separators, cannot be exceed 170 characters in length, file path provided is 177 characters.


      Is there anyway to solve the problem because i have to submit my project online.

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          RT56 Level 1

          I'm not sure what you are attempting to do but the lightroom catalog is not your images. The LR catalog is just a collection of metadata containing your edits, etc. that are then applied to the RAW file while you are  viewing the images in lightroom. If the project you are attempting to complete involves sending images electronically you just first export the images from lightroom into a folder on your desktop using settings you specify and then send those exported images via email to whomever you choose. Sorry if this doesn't answer your question but it's a little hard to tell what you're asking for in your question.

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            wei li chia Level 1

            Hi. Thank you for your help.