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    PLEASE help!


      I am so new to lightroom. I had a photoshoot uploaded into lightroom with 1500 images. I hadn't created a collection yet, they were altogether under All photographs. I had another shoot after I uploaded the images so I had to delete my SD cards. Lightroom shut down on me and now all of my images are gone. I don't have the Cloud set up or a hard drive... again, SO new to all of this. Are my photos gone?? Tech support isn't available today. HELP! Are my images gone forever??

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          What OS and version are you using?

          What exact version of Lightroom are you using?

          Did you use LR to copy the images off the memory cards?

          Are the images still on your hard drive?

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            Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You need serious help.... files are never in Lightroom. Think carefully what happened and what you did. When Lightroom imports files to the catalog the files are moved from the card, where did it move them??

            Pop over here to AdobeTV and see what you are supposed to be doing ... a little research will save you many, many problems.