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    Shatter Effects: Making gravity (not force) only affect some of the layer.

    aoisenshi Level 1

      I'm trying to recreate this shatter effect. (happens right at the beginning) Final Fantasy X Gameplay - YouTube


      Notice how the frame shatters completely, and then the pieces begin to fall to the left from the left side of the frame. I can make the whole frame shatter, and I can make the pieces fall from the left to the right, but not at the same time. If there is a way to control the radius of the gravity, my problem is solved, I could just bring the gravity in from the left.


      The problem with workarounds like using two segments, one with the whole screen shattering, and then one with the pieces falling from the left is that the screen would suddenly become intact when the second segment starts. I also tried to mess with a gradient layer, but that was only affecting the influence of the force, not of gravity.


      Anyone have any ideas? Thank you.