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    Raid 0 Problems, Error Occurred (0)

    Kens10 Level 1

      I have 4 HDD seagate drives built into a raid 0 been working fine for about a year now, recently I got the "error occurred (0)" next to one of the drives as the intel rapid storage boots up.  I have an ssd for my c drive, but windows will not start after rapid storage finishes reading drives.  The system takes a long time to start and gets stuck on the windows logo spinning.  Any suggestions on how to solve this problem.  System running on Window 8.1, 64bit.  Thanks

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          it may be a bad hdd in the raid, several of the seagate models have very high failure rates... or it may just be a corrupt raid that may be repaired or rebuilt. windows is probably hanging during boot as its trying to initialize the raid. you can try booting windows into safe mode. if that works, you can see if there is any intel software for the raid. you may have to check the manual or driver cd to see what intel programs are available if you haven't installed any already. if you dont have another computer to download the latest intel software, you can try booting into safe mode with networking. if the intel software cannot repair the raid, or you cannot get into windows safe mode, you may have to try rebuilding the raid, and it could still be a bad hdd. since its raid 0, i hope you had it backed up, so if you do have to rebuild the raid, you can just restore the backup.