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    running VB .Net dll from cold fusion


      Hello all,


      I'm new to VB .Net as well as coldfusion flatforms.

      I've got an issue while running vb .net dlls from coldfusion ui side.


      I'm trying to call vb .net dlls from coldfusion ui. i'm able to create cfobject.
      but functions having reference type parameters are unable to dump or unable to call from coldfusion. 

      Public Function InitDB(ByRef ConnectionType As String, ByRef In_Ansrefid As Integer, ByRef TestFlag As Boolean) As Short


      functions having ByRef are not identifing by coldfusion


      Could please suggest me why reference type parameter functions are not identifying by coldfusion?


      if possible could please suggest me any documentation which describes how to call vb .net dlls from coldfusion ui part.