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    I am unable to delete the guides in my InDesign CC (Latest 2015 Update) document.


      I can't seem to be able to delete the guides in my InDesign document.


      What I HAVE tried:

      1. Unlocking all layers, sub-layers and individual objects to which the layers could possibly be attached. After this failed I have then gathered everything in one single layer with everything unlocked and still couldn't remove them. (Note) The guides are attached to these layers as they disappear when hiding the layers themselves.
      2. Yes, I have tried unlocking guides.
      3. I have tried the "Delete all guides from spread" option whilst making sure everything is unlocked (layers, guides etc).
      4. Resetting my preferences (not sure what use this was if any but at this point I was desperate.)
      5. Opening and closing InDesign
      6. Re-saving the document as and IDML file then trying to delete them there.
      7. Turning it off and on again...

      Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions