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    PLS HLP! epub3 apple upload error message??

    jamesfootlight Level 1



      I am trying to upload an epub3 to apple ibooks, and i keep receiving this message:


      1 package(s) were not uploaded because they had problems:

      /Users/seaward/Music/iTunes Producer/Wooden_Man.itmsp - Error Messages:

      ERROR ITMS-9001: "WOODEN_MAN.epub : WOODEN_MAN_NEW-2.xhtml  : Bad_Character_Found_in_XML_File:WOODEN_MAN_NEW-2.xhtml, Line:17, CodePoint Index:39, SAXParseException Column:38  CodePoint Hex:U+6E, Prefix:_idAudio001" autoplay co" at Book

      ERROR ITMS-9000: "No OPF XML" at Book


      Here is the code it is referring to:


      line 17:


      <audio id="_idAudio001" autoplay controls>


      Strangely, this error only presents itself once I try and rectify a previous video fallback error, by adding the fallback code here on line 412:


      <source src="video/WOODEN_MAN.mp4" type="video/mp4" />

                              <strong class="fallback-message">This device cannot play video.</strong>


      Which gets rid of the fallback error, but created the new error as shown above.


      Does anyone have any clue as to how i can rectify and why it is happening?