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    LR print module messes up?

    Pereira Cardoso

      Greetings,   When I print through the LR printing module i get a slight blurried/unsharpned  and a bit dark image. I noticed the difference when I casually exported an image to JPEG and than printed it from the Windows viewer print dialogue. For a test I downloaded a print test page from the web and made two prints: one from the Windows viewer gallery and the second from the lightroom print mode with no adjustments at all. This time i let the printer manage the color in both printings. The results were again very different. The image made from the Windows viewer was very accurate (sharpness, colors and exposure) and the one from LR a bit darker and slight blurried...  The settings in LR print mode were also with the sharpening option Set to standard to match some automatic sharpness the printer might make when printing from the Windows gallery. However this wouldn't explain the slight darkness... I have a calibrated monitor and a very new pixma pro-1...  It is as the All Mighty LR can't handle fine with the printing mode...  Can somebody help me?