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    Upper limit on file size?

      I have recently imported several old Forehelp files into Robohelp X5.0.1 for Word. The smaller files (<100 pages) work fine.

      The larger files (between 200 and 1500 pages) give me an error message that says "Robohelp is unable to start Microsoft Word" The rtf file of the project comes up in regular Word, complete with jumps. When I compile and run the help application, the help file works fine. However, since the rft is in regular word, I can't make any changes to my jumps, images ect...

      The largest file (1900 pages) gives me the same error message. Additionally, when I compile and run, I am told that the individual topics do not exist.

      The computer I'm running is pretty maxed out - HP/Compaq Small Form Factor, 2GB ram, 3.4 MHz/800 MHz FSB - I can't imagine I need more juice to run the larger files. Any ideas how I can get things running smoothly?

      Thanks in advance