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    Copy a theme and Edit

      Is there a way to copy a theme and edit to create a new theme? I am trying to create seperate themes that are similar but not the same and I would like to save them back to "myKuler".

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          Have you tried saving a theme to your favorites tray? You can drag and drop any swatch to the bottom of the kuler page—see the black bar. You can then edit the swatch at a later time.

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            potterrauzon Level 1
            I tried that, but then I couldn't figure out how to get it into my account to edit it. I tried dragging it, and it just deleted it (I think that is the way it is supposed to work). So what would the steps be to acomplish this?

            Problem 1-
            take a themeout of your saved themes in "myKuler"
            Edit it with the "make changes to this theme" button (this works)
            Save it back to myKuler as a new theme (this doesn't work)

            you can save it back as the same theme only edited, but not a new theme

            Problem 2-
            Drag someone elses theme into your favortes
            Drag it into your "myKuler" area to keep track of it, or to edit it to a new variation (this doesn't work)

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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              Hi Ryan,
              Hmm... Can you clarify what happens when "it doesn't' work"? Here's what I did to edit and save themes.

              1. My own theme
              - Select one my my themes from Mykuler
              - Edit button
              - Change at least one color
              - Rename
              - Save [this saved and I saw it under Mykuler]

              2. Someone Else's Theme
              - Select a theme (from Browsing or in Favorites tray)
              - Edit button
              - Change at least one color
              - Rename (backspace over the text to edit)
              - Save [currently the server hangs on me, I'll look into that]

              Hope this helps!