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    Generated TOC has errors in headings


      I am working on a large document that was created by someone else. When I try to update the TOC, it has a few spelling errors that are not in the headings in the body of the document (I fixed those, but the TOC is acting like the errors are still there).


      For example:

      In my document on page 32 there is a heading "Fieldbus Protocol" (it was previously spelled wrong, as "Protocal", and I corrected it)

      In the generated TOC it shows:   32   Fieldbus Protocal  << so it is showing the "old" spelling, even though I updated the TOC with the Layout > Update Table of Contents command.


      Is there some underlying code (like HTML) for the InDesign text that is being viewed by the TOC generator? It is acting like it's looking at "old" versions of those headings.