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    Upgrading Standalone LR6 to LRCC?


      I have a Stand Alone version of LR6 installed on my Mac, No Creative Cloud monthly account. When I went to see what Upgrades I am entitled to (Help/Update). I was asked to sign into CC and the CC menu showed that I can update to LRCC. Can I do this Without becoming a monthly subscriber? Also, what future support will I get as a paid licensed user of LR6

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          LR CC is a monthly subscription.  Maybe they are just hoping you’ll sign up so present it as an option.  I think logging into CC is how you activate your non-CC version of LR, though, and probably how you get updates.  LR 6.1 is the current version so if what you’re seeing in the CC App manager is an update that also includes that version then maybe it is a legit update.  I’m on CC so I’m not sure what the non-CC CC Desktop Manager app list looks like.   Maybe if you post a screenshot we could interpret it for you.  If there is a What’s New link that also might say what version it is.


          LR 6 and LR 2015 (CC) are the same program so you get bug fixes and camera support with each update in either.  What is different is that the CC version will have extra features as Adobe adds them, like Dehaze and White/Black sliders on the Gradient, Radial and Adjustment brushes that were added to LR 2015.1.  Non-CC LR licensees will have to wait until LR 7 for those new features.

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            edward87101 Level 1

            You are right. I was able to update Lightroom to the latest camera additions (and maybe bug fixes) but no Dehaze and White/Balance features