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    HELP!! Ligtroom CC Import Dialog shows no files




      I have just upgraded my LR CC version with the latest updates (version LRS cc 2015.1 release).


      I am running my first import since updating my LR CC on 6/21/2015. The Import Dialog is now broken for me. When I select a source disk - which has both RAW files and JPG's on it, no files are shown. I cannot select files for import.


      I have sufficient disk space on the target disk and on the catalog disk.


      I have tried:


      - Close LR/re-open

      - Optimize catalog

      - Move files from SD card to hard disk as source

      - Sign in/out of Adobe cloud


      I've done the steps above multiple times.


      I also tried LR 5: this version of LR does show these files in the import dialog (i.e. works properly). I also tried Bridge CC and it shows the files.


      This is a show stopper for me!! I have images that I need to process but I can't import them into my catalog.