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    Please don't discontinue Photoshop Touch


      I've read that with the onset of Adobe's new mobile suite of software, PS Touch will be discontinued. I could accept this if the apps were available for tablets, and more feature-rich. It's extremely frustrating to do any real work on my phone when I have an 11-inch tablet that the apps are incompatible with. On top of the lack of tablet support, I don't know where to find several features, such as the Stamp Tool. Perhaps I have to create a brush in Adobe Brush, and then import that into... I don't know? Can those brushes only be used on the desktop versions of Adobe software?


      In any case, I love Photoshop Touch on my tablets, and I paid $10 for it, and would appreciate it greatly if it remained in the Google Play Store, even if it isn't to be updated ever again. I'd really rather not lose this great program if one of my tablets dies and I have to buy a new one.

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          If you already bought PS Touch, the app should be available to you indefinitely under the electronic marketplace account you bought it under. (At least I still have it under my Google Play account.) It's just that Adobe discontinued its development and won't be for sale anymore for anyone that hasn't bought it.


          The stickler here is that whenever we all upgrade to the latest and greatest mobile OS, there's the possibility that PS Touch won't work on it.


          The first versions of the newer mobile apps are available for phones right now. The next updates should open them up to tablets. People have successfully sideloaded the APKs on tablets.


          I have some questions of my own that I hope will be addressed whenever I get my hands on them since I use a tablet as well. I have a smartphone but the only thing I use it for is for emergencies and my shopping list. I keep badgering them to hurry up (nicely, of course) but the wheels of Adobe development turn slowly, as it were.  lol


          What I do know is that the forthcoming Project Rigel looks more or less like a version of Camera Raw with some warping. (That's good.) Photoshop Mix has some editing features but with only 2 layers maximum. (That's bad for us creative compositors.) The new mobile apps are free. (That's good.) But they might just end up being an extension of their desktop counterparts. (That's both good and bad; good that we modularly (is that a word?) connect to their desktop counterparts to complete a project; bad that we can't use a mobile solution to create a final product like we could with PS Touch.)

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            thedicemaster Level 2

            my biggest issue with Adobe discontinuing ps touch isn't even that they're not making an equivalent alternative, it's that there is no alternative at all.

            with almost every type of app you can just switch to a competitor, but there is no other full image editor out there unless you count a Linux VM with gimp pre-installed.