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    What is the most efficient way to type certain non-English letters in InDesign?

    alewkow Level 1

      I am writing an english document in InDesign, but since it is about Sweden, there are often words and names in Swedish that I use.  These words can contain three letters not found in english: ä, å, and ö (sorry for the language lesson).  When using MS Word, the internet, and seemingly most other applications on my (late 2013 - OSX Yosemite) Macbook, I can hold down the letter "a" or "o" and these alternates will come up, as well as alternates in Spanish, Danish, etc.  This function does not work in InDesign though, causing me to write things like, "taaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."  While humorous, is there a way to override this and make that function work in ID?  I assume its an easy fix in a setting I am simply missing.