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    Acrobat DC Portfolio

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      I just upgraded to Acrobat DCS and I cannot see how to create and edit portfolios.


      I can open past portfolio but there are no editing tools. What am I doing wrong

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          Hello Rajshree


          The new Acrobat DC portfolio functionality is a disaster. We have configured a lot of our project documentation around the excellent features of the functionality in XI and now the whole experience for our team and our clients has crashed around us.


          We will attempt to go back to the previous version.


          Rule 101 of software development- do not give people less than they had before, enhance what they had. Give them more value in your products. Do not give them the oppertunity to go looking for solutions from other software providers. It appears there has been no internal thought or risk processes put in to the change of the software to the DC platform version to consider how current Acrobat portfolio users were using the features of this functionality of the existing Acrobat.

          I trust the DC roll out issues are just a bump in the road and Adobe step back and assess how users utilise your products for real world solutions.

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